Training Sessions @ the EXPO

In conjunction with the Southwest Forest Products Expo, ATPA’s Ark Pro Logger program will be hosting two workshops available to loggers, crew members and fiber/log truck drivers for continuing education opportunities and requirements for their sustainable forestry training commitment.

WHEN you pre-register for the Expo online through this site, you will have the option there to select via check box if you would like to register for either (or both) of the following training session: 

TEAM Safe Trucking Seminar on Friday, August 23rd

On Friday, August 23, there will be a TEAM Safe Trucking seminar from 1-4 p.m. for logging business owners and truck drivers, featuring presentations by Miranda Gowell, the Special Projects Manager for Team Safe Trucking, emphasizing safety for transportation operators in the forest products industry.

Continuing Education Session on Saturday, August 24th

The Saturday training sessions will include a program by Dr. David Douphrate of Texas Health Science Center in Tyler, Texas focused on how to avoid injuries to logging crew members to include avoiding injuries through the use of ergonomics.  Steven Stuart of Starkville, Mississippi and Landmark Spatial Solutions who will also speak on a new 4Loads Load Ticketing System that allows tracking loads from the woods to the mill, documenting loads chain of custody and streamlining the load settlement and ticket reconciliation process.