APL-Logo2-300x62…the website of Arkansas’ award-winning logger training and education initiative and the distinction earned by those logging contractors and crew members that have graduated from the program. Since its inception in 1995, more loggers, landowners and forestry professionals have participated in the Ark Pro Logger program than in any other training program of its kind nationwide.

The Ark Pro Logger training initiative is administered by the Arkansas Timber Producers Association (ATPA) and was developed for loggers by loggers. The program exudes a collective commitment of the region’s timber harvesters to high standards of professionalism and represents a voluntary adherence to rigorous principles of sustainable forestry and natural resource conservation.

Company representatives, consulting foresters, and forest landowners have password-protected access to the online database participants use to confirm and monitor completion of training modules. While graduation from Ark Pro Logger does not constitute a professional endorsement or warranty of an individual or logging firm, it does serve as an industry indicator of a timber harvester’s commitment to this widely upheld training effort.

Additional information and specific requirements of the Ark Pro Logger program can be obtained through this site by selecting the Training menu above, or by contacting ATPA Director of Logger Training, George Lease toll-tree at 1-888-403-2232.