Ark Pro Logger Participant List up to July 9, 2021 CLICK HERE
Ark Pro Logger Graduate List (PDF Link ABOVE)^^^
As a service to the companies, organizations and logging businesses who support training of contractors, crew members, truck drivers and other forestry professionals, ATPA maintains an up-to-date PDF list on this site of those who are an “ACTIVE” Ark Pro Logger participant (meaning they have participated in at least one core module in the last decade, And/Or  have participated in recent Logger Continuing Education (LCE) workshop.

Note: The PDF list, linked above, is updated quarterly.
This version was uploaded on July 12, 2021 and reflects participation through the beginning of July. 

If you are having problems downloading or viewing this information, or if there is a discrepancy you would like to discuss, please contact ATPA at 501-224-2232.

If you are interested in information about a former Ark Pro Logger attendee participant, our Historic Database is still maintained at ATPA, and includes our nearly 160000 participants since the inception of the Ark Pro Logger Training program. Please contact us if you have a query about a participant that is not considered an active, current or very recent training participant.