In a tough economy, it might seem hard to justify paying dues to member organizations like ATPA. But during the challenging times, it actually makes the most sense. After all, the main task of ATPA is representing the interests of timber producers and affiliates in decision-making (think policies, regulations, procedures and financial costs) at the regional and national levels that impact our industry the most.

In 1991 ATPA was established for two reasons: (1) the emerging independent status of logging contractors in relationship to the companies they produced timber for meant loggers now faced challenges unique only to them; and (2) loggers knew there were issues and problems they simply could not solve alone — like soaring workers’ compensation rates, rising fuel costs, timber harvesting constraints and OSHA and other business regulations.

For the past 25 years ATPA has been a respected agent on behalf of its members with a significant number of successes to its credit. ATPA has proven that working collectively can be most effective tool in this business. In addition, ATPA offers a number of value-added benefits and services, like our insurance program, that help a logger’s bottom line.

Whether or not to join ATPA is perhaps one of many important decisions you will have to make this year. Having been involved in this industry for many years, I can tell you this: ATPA membership is an investment in your business and in the future of your industry — one you will appreciate for years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Specific Accomplishments

Political Activism  & Representation

  • ATPA was successful in the passage of legislation exempting new and used equipment and related attachments from the state sales tax.
  • Coordination with the Arkansas Highway Police to provide a permitting system authorizing the hauling of overweight logging equipment.
  • Worked with state and national elected officials to secure access to emergency funding and loans for loggers impacted across the state by the economic climate compounded by natural disasters and conditions.
  • Charter member of the American Loggers Council (ALC). The ALC is a national association representing loggers in 24 states. The ATPA works with the American Loggers Council (ALC) in addressing legislation at the national level.

Keeping Workers Compensation Rates in Check. Soaring workers compensation rates can put even the most successful logging operations out of business. ATPA works to keep rates fair and reasonable by supporting workers compensation insurance reform legislation. The ATPA was successful in the promotion and establishment of Insurance Class Code #2719 – mechanized logging – which provides for a significantly reduced workers’ compensation rate for fully mechanized logging operations. The ATPA is the Arkansas Insurance Department’s certifying agent for Class Code #2719.

The ATPA offers its members a highly successful endorsed worker’s compensation insurance program. This program includes other lines of insurance in addition to workers’ compensation and provides a dividend issuance to members in the program. See Programs & Benefits under the ATPA drop-down menu for more information.

Opportunities for Professional Development/Continuing Education. Since 1995, the ATPA has been the administrative agent for the award-winning Ark Pro Logger Training program providing information and training in areas such as Timber Harvesting & Transportation Safety, OSHA Regulations, Business Management, Best Management Practices (BMPs), Environmental Considerations and Defensive Truck Driving.

The ATPA provides periodic legislative updates, newsletters and magazines for its members.

Equipment Shows and Demonstrations. The Southwest Forest Products Expo, an indoor static equipment and forest industry show is held bi-annually. The ATPA co-sponsors with the Hatton-Brown Publishers and In-Woods Expo, which features live equipment demonstrations and static displays.

Involvement in the Community. The ATPA in coordination with the Arkansas Forestry Association co-sponsors the Log A Load for Kids program, a fund-raising project that benefits the children treated at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. More than $5 million dollars has been raised through the Arkansas Log A Load fundraising campaign since 1993, a portion of which was used to fund the first ever Pediatric Cardiovascular Chair at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, sustainability of the Angel Transport Program, and currently, support for a South Wing Expansion project.

Invest in your future, apply for membership today!